Q: who the hell is writing YINZ CITY?
A: my name is higu rose. i'm an illustrator living in western PA. my favorite movies are Beverly Hills Cop, John Carpenter's The Thing, Tremors, Twice Upon a Time, and Blow Up. i have 14 tattoos.
more of my work can be found at swamp-monster.net

Q: where/when does YINZ CITY take place?
A: that is a secret.

Q: why does everyone use a flip phone?
A: the story takes place in an althernate universe in which smart phones were never invented, because i hate them.
think of it like the galapagos effect in regard to Japanese cellphones, but if phones developed that way worldwide (although a few characters do use dated flip phones similar to older Western ones).

Q: how old is everyone in YINZ CITY?
A: a very informal list of ages starting at Issue 1--

  • Seti - 23
  • Kit - 19
  • Sage - unclear; somewhere in their 20s
  • Isaiah - 25
  • Nabokov - 19
  • Fiona - 24
  • Miller - 25
  • Shelley - ?????????

Q: why does Seti suck so much?
A: that's the question we're all asking ourselves.

Q: is Fiona supposed to have extra fingers?
A: yes.

Q: is Fiona single?
A: so she says.

Q: what are the scars on Sage's hands?
A: they are burn scars.

Q: why do they go by Sage instead of Susquehanna?
A: because no one outside of the Susquehanna Valley knows how to pronounce it.

Q: how DO you pronounce Susquehanna?
A: suhs-kwuh-han-uh.
the name comes from the Lenape word "Sisa'we'hak'hanna", which roughly translates to "Oyster River".

Q: Didn't Isaiah's name used to be Misha? Are they the same character?
A: yes and yes. i think Isaiah is a cuter name. Misha is his dead name, both canonically and on a meta level.

Q: why does Shelley look like Damon Albarn? IS he actually Damon Albarn?
A: i don't know what you're talking about...

Q: how often do issues come out?
A: i dont know... i just don't know...

Q: whens the Scottish Randy chapter?
A: when i'm on my deathbed.

here's what the critics are saying about YINZ CITY!

"in contrast to all the comics that are like 'I love my friends and I feel safe', YINZ CITY says 'i hate my friends and nothing is safe. i’m having a bad time right now'.”

"sage's hair is an Experience"

"I will go absolutely rabid for Kit’s sake"